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Jackie Marsh
The Sea Room Practice
Abingdon, Oxfordshire
T 01235 531554
M 07925 048492

Please note that if I am unable to speak with you, you can leave a message on my work line or text me on the mobile number above. I’ll endeavour to return your message within three hours.

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NB: with respect, please do not ask for or refer to sexual matters. I am entirely professional.

NB: our safety. My colleague and I operate a policy of “safety first” whereby we reserve the right to refuse admission, to ask you to leave with good reason at any moment of our choosing, or, on booking, seek some of our clients’ key personal details in order to verify their identity. We trust you understand our need to remain safe. Any details we hold for these purposes would never, under any circumstance, be passed on to a third party.

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